From Steve Kuhn

Something was missing from you not being at this years Comic Con and your passing will forever leave a hole in my San Diego Comic Con experience. You shall be missed.


From Howard Fein

What a terrible shame! You were a brilliant writer who helped revitalize the classic Hanna-Barbera characters in the 1980s and a key force behind ANIMANIACS, which revived Warner Brothers animation. Say hi to Bill, Joe, Hoyt, Daws, Don and all the other departed members of the club.

From Harry Schier

Sad news about a great guy. I was a bit player in Earl’s first film, "Out Of The Frying Pan," a high school project shot in Bucks County PA circa 1967. Fun times. Rest in peace old friend.

From Steve Thompson

Very Sad. I developed a bit of an acquaintance with Mr. Kress after working with he and Mark Evanier on a project a few years ago. Always pleasant and friendly to me and loved to hear him talk cartoons on STU’S SHOW. R.I.P.

From Paul Dini

Earl Kress was one of the first professionals I met in animation, and few writers were as knowledgeable about cartoons or created them as well as he did. I had the pleasure of working with Earl on a number of occasions, and more than that, I had the pleasure of knowing him personally. The photo here shows Earl and a number of our best friends at an evening last year with the great Frank Ferrante. It was a wonderful night. Earl, Misty and I drove to the show together and on the way Earl told many stories about our early days at Filmation, our later years at Warners and just about everything else. I’ll miss his encyclopedic knowledge of Hanna-Barbera cartoons, his wild sense of humor, and of course, the man himself. Rest well, Earl.

From Austin Welch

Another animation titan leaves us far too early. Thanks for all the joy you left us on this side. Peace.

From Russell Calabrese

I’ll miss you, pal. Had a great time working with you and just hanging around with you.

From James E. Daniels

RIP Earl Kress. A talented guy without a doubt.

From Kyle A Carrozza

Incredibly sad to hear of the passing of Earl Kress. He was a damn good writer and a real nice guy.

From Jim MacQuarrie

Dammit. Just dammit. Lunch at Lancer’s just isn’t going to be the same.