From Kevin L. Williams

We’ve finally been able to get the video shot with Earl Kress uploaded for viewing. Check this out!

Little Go Beep

In 2000, Earl wrote what at the time looked like it might be the last theatrical Looney Tunes cartoon, Little Go Beep

Alicyn Wonderland

Animation Voiceover Actress Alicyn Packard invited Earl to be the first guest on her online video show…

From Scott Shaw!

From THE FLINTSTONES, SEASON SIX DVD set, here’s Earl Kress explaining the secret origin of The Great Gazoo. (Another preliminary name for Gazoo was "Pizazz"; I found that in a PR memo describing upcoming episodes!)

From Steve Troop

Yesterday, the world lost Earl Kress to cancer. A talented writer, puppeteer, voiceover artist and friend to many people (including myself and  Sarah), Earl would have played Ralphie in Melonpool: TMP, but his spirit and enthusiasm will live on in the finished project. Here’s a fun panel that he and I participated in with puppeteer/cartoonist Kevin L. Williams in 2006.