From Joe Medeiros

Many years ago, this photo was taken of Earl with one of his favorite characters Kermit the Frog when Kermit was a guest on the Tonight Show where I was working at the time. I first met Earl in 1973 at Temple University when he starred — hilariously – in a student film I was making. When I moved to LA, I ran into Earl who had been living here for years pursuing his amazing career. We’d get together every now and then for coffee at Starbucks or dinner at Mo’s in Burbank. I always enjoyed seeing him because he was a kind, funny and certainly talented man whose positive outlook was something I admired. I was supposed to give Earl the Kermit photo but I had misplaced it and and I thought it to be lost. But the other day, I found it and was going to bring it to him this week. Earl, I screwed up. But here’s your photo and this is the way I want to remember you – smiling, happy and full of life. You will be missed.